Timberworks Toys – High Quality Wood Toy Building Blocks

We recently had the opportunity to visit the Timberworks Toys office and manufacturing location in Columbia, Missouri. While vacationing in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, we took a day trip to meet Chris Heston and tour the Timberworks Toy factory. Chris is a master cabinetmaker and at the suggestion of his wife took the idea of the traditional wooden, Lincoln Log style toys and came up with an unique new dimension on the old favorite as a toy for his son. The logs are notched so they interlock, but that is where the similarity ends. Timberworks logs are made of hard maple and the set also includes flat panels, triangles, and widgets, or “donuts” as Chris called them. These widgets fit over the ends of the logs to provide stability and strength to your child’s construction project. Also included in the larger sets are sturdy plastic wheels that enable the child to make cars and planes and anything else they can imagine. All this comes in a bright red duffle bag to store the blocks when not in use.

But this description cannot totally give you the true picture of the toy. The logs are solid; the wood is smooth and has a quality that you can truly feel when you touch the pieces. The shipping weight of the product ranges from 15 pounds for the smaller set to 35 pounds for the King Set which gives you some idea of the sturdiness of the logs. One thing I noticed while we were in the office talking to Chris was that the supports for the countertop holding their computers, printers and other office equipment were made from the logs. These are serious building blocks!

We also toured the production area. Some of the machines were designed specifically by Chris for the first stages of the production. These pieces of precision equipment can make exacting cuts to replicate the logs to keep the pieces consistent so they will always fit together no matter which production batch they came from.

As impressive as the toy is, Chris’ passion for the blocks is also infectious. As I said, he is a master cabinetmaker with twenty years of experience. He has thought this product out with the child in mind. How to make it safe, how the pieces fit so the child will be able to use it without difficulty, the educational value and just plain fun value. His slogan, which is printed on every box, is “made by a father for his son.”

He also is totally committed to this heirloom quality toy to be totally made in the USA. He employs area workers, gets his lumber from suppliers in the US, and even the duffle bag is made in his home state of Missouri. Even when large furniture companies like the one in our home town has closed it’s doors and put so many people on the unemployment lines, this new company is producing a quality product, providing people with jobs. And this Made in America philosophy is not just for the toy business, this is the way Chris looks all aspects of his way of life.

So whether you are looking for a great product to spark your grandchild’s imagination, whether you are a parent who home schools, looking for educational, fun toys for your children, a classroom teacher looking for something special for your students, or just a mom or dad looking for something to share some quality time with your child, like Chris, Timberworks Toys wood toy building blocks will more than fill your needs.

On a side note, soon after our visit we found out that Timberworks Toys received the Parent’s Choice Gold award for Fall of 2010. I doubt it will be their last award. It’s such a great product.

Give Your Children Both Fun and Education With the Toys From the Sylvanian Families

It is very necessary to give children freedom from their daily hectic schedule. While you consider the requirements of your child you need to go for good kids toys through which you can give them maximum satisfaction. A good toy for your kids will help them to stay busy and thereby satisfy their unusual desires.

Kids toys should not only serve a purpose of fun but at the same time they should also help your child educate in the best possible manner. Try to buy toys which can develop the vital skills of your children.

Today there are several companies that deal with toys for kids. There are activity toys for the kids available by means of which your children can remain busy along with learning something. Do consider the quality of the toys when you buy them. The quality is associated with the health of your child. They should be made of good materials so that they ensure the ultimate safety of your child.

If you are in search of some good kids toys you can always consider the purchase of the toys from the Sylvanian families. Sylvanian families deal with collectible toys ranging from Ty’s Beanie Babies to the series of Teletubbies.

These kinds of kids toys have been quite popular among kids since long time. If you buy the Sylvanian families toys for your kids, they will surely like it. These toys add a feeling of treasure hunt to the experience of your kids collection.

An animated series based on the line of the toys is a well known and renowned fact about these toy families. These series mainly cater to the needs of your young children. The characters in the series that have been grouped into families generally feature the woodland creatures.

In the recent years, the Sylvanian families introduced new items in their collection. With the introduction of the Dalmatian Family in their collection, these kids toys became further popular.

You can thus give the best gift to your child when you purchase the Sylvanian families toys. The guinea pig family is a good option in the collection from these toys. This family includes members like Andrew, Peter, Penny and Nicola. You will also get their babies in this family. Each of them has a bed and a bottle along with a pair of clothes that are generally removable. If you feel you can buy all the parts separately as well. You can purchase your kids toys from various sources.

Dog Toys – Alerts and Tips

It can be a real challenge to choose the right toy for your dog. Dogs have different tastes but many dogs will play with almost anything. The dog toy market has exploded across the world. Pet ownership is increasing daily and the pet toy industry is booming.

There are many dog toys that have been designed to be enjoyed in various ways. You can find chew items…rope toys…fetch, stuffed and plush toys. Many of these items are designed for dental health care. The main point is to find a safe toy for your dog. If your dog likes to chew, a Nylabone or Kong brand is a good choice. These special units can tolerate lots of chewing for an extended time.

A toy is a great tool to allow you to bond with your dog. A type that can used to play “fetch” is good for this purpose. A dog toy that can be thrown for a distance can enable you to interact well with your pet. Interaction toys are good for the busy mind and mouth types. These play things should be put away after use and not left out. This will keep the dog’s interest when you want to take the dog out and bond with him. The most important issue is to find a toy that your dog enjoys the most.

Think about your dog…does he chew…like to fetch…like noisy toys…like to keep busy?

Good features for dog toys

  • Can toss a great distance
  • Enjoyable for your dog
  • A fun toy for both you and your dog
  • Is the toy safe

Dog Toy Alerts

Rope or stuffed toys should not be giving to a “chewer”. Loose bits or items can be ingested in your dog, causing intestinal problems. Stay away from poorly constructed toys…they must be durable. Consider toys that float if you will be using near water.


Always supervise playtime with your dog toys. Be sure to check the condition of the toy to make sure it remains safe to use. Have replacement toys available as needed. You want to rotate the dog toys to make sure your dog stays interested in the process. You might consider toys that you also can enjoy along with your dog. A dog toy gives value to your dog’s overall development…be sure to give the selection process some thought. Give “Rover” a toy that you both will benefit from.